I spent my formative years bouncing around the midwestern punk world, where long winters encouraged hanging out in basements, making 'zines, playing music and breaking into underground steam tunnels.

I also worked as a DJ, set up all-ages shows, rescued pit bulls, toiled as a maid and failed as a waitress before heading for New York University and something called Riot Grrrl.

Inspired by the bands and the zines, I decided to write my own, calling it Satan Wears A Bra. Cut-and-pasted using actual scissors and glue, then xeroxing it at my temp job, SWAB went on to became an integral part of the Riot Grrrl movement and is now in the permanent collection at the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame where it causes all kinds of trouble.

After graduating from NYU, I started writing for television and film, including MTV and Nickelodeon.  A few of those movies and TV shows even got made, like the talking dog movie and the kids-lost-in-the-woods movie and the tv show about the offspring of celebrities. I also made movies with my (amazing) little brother, including one about a band that played in a van, and another about the most deadpan cool high school students that ever lived.

After that, I worked as a journalist, writing full-time for the daily paper in Austin, Texas, 458 articles over the course of 5 years, talking to rock stars, mall cops, tofu makers, cab drivers, graffiti artists, goat farmers, amateur wrestlers and pirate radio DJ’s. It was a great job, and I got really good at talking to strangers.

I currently live in Austin, Texas, where I write books about all of the above experiences, plus gnomes. Find me on twitter @debbywolfinsohn or out walking my dogs.